Since the very beginning, the birth of the idea of starting our tea company Pip’s, we have always acted on 2 important principles: reliability and sustainability.

From these two starting points, we began our search for the most fair way to produce and package our tea for you. Therefore, this is always done with different aspects in mind:

Origin of our tea:

When choosing a supplier, we choose a long-term cooperation in which the human aspect is definitely present. Our partners go on site, inspect the production facilities, farming, cultivation and harvesting conditions, talk to local people, make adjustments where needed and support tea farmers in entrepreneurship.


Quality of our tea:

Tea leaves contain many essential flavorings that give your hot cup of tea a full, intense flavor. 

When tea leaves are ground or broken into small pieces, as with most well-known tea brands, these flavorings dry out very quickly. As they dry out, they then unfortunately lose virtually all of their flavor.

In contrast, when tea leaves are left in their full, natural form, they do not dry out. As a result, they give your tea more flavor. Then we are talking about whole leaf tea .
With our Pip’s whole leaf tea, you can distinguish every ingredient with the naked eye.

We like to know what we are drinking, do you?


Packaging and durability:

We choose packaging with an eye to reuse, maintain quality, minimize waste and recycle materials. Hence our logical choice of tin cans.

Our can packaging is airtight and shielded from light and moisture. This allows us to always guarantee a preservation of flavor and quality of our tea.

Moreover, did you know that tin can be infinitely recycled without loss of quality and when recycled is even up to 95% energy saving? A beautiful yet eco-friendly alternative!


Social engagement:

All over the world, people face natural disasters, homelessness, poverty and hunger. Problems we won’t solve on our own, but we can obviously do our part.

For this reason, we also thoughtfully choose our tea suppliers. We join hands with companies that are actively engaged in the social involvement and responsibility of their local tea farmers.

But not only developing countries are given priority with us. Even in our own small Belgium there is more than a need for support and opportunities, in employment for example.

Pip’s therefore collaborates with several tailor-made companies , also called sheltered workshops. These social enterprises can employ people who cannot find a job in a regular company due to personal circumstances, such as adults with (mild) intellectual, mental or motor disabilities.